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2. New User Details

Please provide details of the new user request.

3. New User Account Settings

The below options will be used to create the user account and configure his/her email settings. A unique password will be generated for the new account.
If yes, please specify which lists ([email protected], i[email protected], all users? etc).
If yes, please specify which mailboxes to give access to.
If yes, please specify which users require access.
If yes, please specify which calendars and what level of permission do they need (e.g. read only)?

4. Computer Setup

In this section, please detail which software the new user needs to have available to them.
If a new machine needs to be ordered from ESSPL, please email us at [email protected]
Is there a user, whose permission can be replicated:
Eg. Sage, Teams. If yes, please give details.
If your email system is O365, “Business Standard” license will be added for the user.

5. Printers and Screens

Please provide details below so that we can setup printer/scanner for the user

6. Agreements

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