Our Sales team live life on their own terms.

Being a self-employed IT Sales and Solution Consultant with means many things. It’s about building a sustainable career. It’s about living life on your terms. It’s an opportunity to get significant rewards if you make the effort. Run it like your own busines, look after it and we promise to look after you.

Flexible working. Enviable earning. Sounds interesting?

Talk about right place, right time. We’re in a golden age of modern workplace with remote working and collaboration across board being of immensely importance. Almost every business is looking for digital transformation but dissatisfaction with their current IT partners is at an all-time high.

And here we are, a new start-up company, a well trusted solution provider who take agnostic approach to provide tailored solutions to our customers and work directly with distributors and vendors to ensure we provide best technology option at most affordable price.

We need great sales people like you to spread our message. Elegant Systems is one of biggest Managed Service Provider, System Integrator and Value-Added Reseller in South West England. We benefit from direct industry relationships with all major vendors through multiple partnerships across UK, Europe, USA and Asia serving our customers globally.

It could be one of the easiest sales you will ever make.

What We Offer

Our Training Academy

Our in-house training is your Sales 101, the A to Z of smart persuasion. You get the tools you need to find customers, close deals, max your commission and build your business. You’ll also have time to fire questions at your Manager and Coach.

Same-Day Invoicing

You want to get paid on time. So we make sure your invoice is sent the same day of the sale. You can quote us on that. Our commission is the most generous in the industry, so you’ll be flush in a flash. After all, getting people paid is what we do.

Ongoing training

Get the help you need to bring your sales A-game. We give you face-to-face and phone coaching directly from vendors and distribution network. Dip into webinars, e-learning programs and access a suite of digital learning materials anytime.

Qualified Appointments

Prove yourself, get a foot in the door of client who’d appreciate a visit from you and we will arm you with vendor and distributors to help your customer with tailored solution at an affordable price. All you need to do is find qualified leads and turn on your charm.

Industry-leading Tech

Some companies leave their sales people to it. We arm you with digital tools. They’re a doddle to use – on tablet, phone or laptop. You can manage deals and report on how your sales are adding up. Everything is paperless and updates in real time.

Making a difference

Imagine selling a product that really makes a tangible difference to small business owners? We’ve got something that saves businesses money, time and hassle, while making sure they get paid to do what they love. It’s hardly a hard sell.

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