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Elegant Systems: Elevating Your Cybersecurity Defenses with Trend Micro’s Advanced Solutions

Welcome to Elegant Systems, where we make sure your online world is super safe! We teamed up with Trend Micro, a cybersecurity leader, to give you easy and strong solutions. We’re not just providers; we’re your partners in modern cybersecurity at Elegant Systems.

Trend Micro’s Proven Solutions: A Detailed Overview

Worry-Free XDR with Co-Manage

Dive into the depth of threat mitigation with Worry-Free XDR co-managed by Elegant Systems. This cross-product, cross-customer, and cross-partner detection and response service redefine your security landscape without imposing additional resource burdens. We seamlessly mitigate threats, ensuring that your cybersecurity posture is always a step ahead.

Worry-Free Services Standard

Explore the intricacies of Worry-Free Services Standard, where a lightweight agent combines seamlessly with an intuitive cloud-based console. Delve into advanced malware protection, behavioral analysis, and automated endpoint shielding against known Microsoft application vulnerabilities. The centralized approach enhances business efficiency, enabling you to focus on core operations.

Worry-Free Services Advanced

Embark on a journey with Worry-Free Services Advanced, expanding your horizons with complete email and collaboration security. Uncover the layers of cloud-based protection for Microsoft 365, Gmail, Dropbox, and Box. This advanced solution fortifies your business devices, providing an unparalleled shield against evolving cyber threats.
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Trend Vision One: Unified Cybersecurity Platform

Trend Vision One, Trend Micro’s unified cybersecurity platform, is your gateway to essential visibility and rapid threat response. Unravel the complexities of your attack surface and prioritize risks efficiently. Native XDR deployment across diverse environments provides centralized visibility, ensuring that your cybersecurity defenses are always one step ahead.

Trend Micro’s Comprehensive Solutions: A Deep Dive

Endpoint Security: Fortify Your Defenses
Delve into the comprehensive capabilities of Trend Vision One - Endpoint Security. Whether your environment is on-premise, cloud, multicloud, or hybrid, benefit from EPP-EDR capabilities. This single solution unifies risk mitigation actions, policy management, and license control, streamlining your security operations.
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Email Security: Safeguarding the Gateway
Recognize the critical importance of Trend Micro™ Email Security. As the preferred vector for ransomware and targeted attacks, email security is non-negotiable. This solution, encompassing gateway and API-based tools, extends protection to Microsoft O365 and Gmail. It employs a combination of advanced techniques, including email impersonation detection, machine learning-based antimalware, sandbox detonation, URL analysis, and XDR telemetry uplink.
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Cloud One: Navigating Digital Transformation
Embark on a digital transformation journey with Trend Micro™ Cloud One. As the digital landscape evolves, face challenges head-on with tools for automated detection and protection of public, private, and virtual cloud environments. From CWPP workload protection to container protection, CSPM security, and cloud storage protection, embrace a complete CNAPP-CDR approach managed seamlessly through the Vision One console.
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Network Security: Swift and Precise Threat Response
Understand the essence of securing the network with Trend Micro™ Network Security. Swift and precise detection and response to threats are crucial components of a robust defense strategy. This solution provides threat detection and response (NDR) on the network, addressing all use cases in SaaS, On-prem, and hybrid environments, all managed seamlessly through the Vision One console.
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TXOne Networks: Cybersecurity for Industrial Environments
Step into the realm of industrial cybersecurity with TXOne Networks by Trend Micro. This comprehensive solution ensures the reliability and security of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) environments through the OT Zero Trust methodology. Collaborating with industry leaders and critical infrastructure entities, Trend Micro provides tools for securing isolated and outdated environments without service interruptions and performance impacts on production lines.
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In last 2 years, we have helped more than 100 businesses save more than 25% on their annual IT spend.

Why Elegant Systems for Trend Micro?

Acronis makes software for both your computer and the internet. Partnering with Acronis means you can:

Security Integrated into Cloud Success

Elegant Systems is totally committed to supporting our partners in building, shaping, and growing their cloud services. Security is not an extra, but a crucial part of success, and our partnership with Trend Micro, a leader in cloud security, ensures a smooth and secure experience for our partners.

Leveraging Licensing Management Platform (LMP)

Enter the realm of efficiency with Trend Micro's Licensing Management Platform (LMP) through Elegant Systems. This web-based tool revolutionizes license and billing management for managed service providers (MSPs). Discover the simplicity of self-provisioned licensing, pay-as-you-go models, and the flexibility of aggregated billing.

Rebranding for Your Identity

With LMP, Elegant Systems partners can rebrand the platform, the product, and communication templates. This customization empowers you to create a unique identity while enjoying the benefits of a proven cybersecurity solution.

Global Leader in Threat Research: 35 Years of Expertise

Unmatched Threat Research Capabilities

Benefit from Trend Micro's unparalleled threat research capabilities developed over 35 years. With 15 global threat research centers, hundreds of researchers and data scientists, and collaboration with over 10,000 independent researchers, Trend Micro gathers insights 24/7 to better protect you.

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Collaboration with International Authorities

Trend Micro is not just about technology. They team up with international governments and law enforcement organizations like Interpol, the United Nations, the FBI, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This collaboration goes beyond cybersecurity insights, contributing to the creation of security policies and the apprehension of cybercriminals.

Choose Elegant Systems and Trend Micro: Your Cybersecurity Guardians

Elegant Systems and Trend Micro offer more than solutions; we provide a partnership that empowers your business, protects your assets, and ensures a secure connected world. Elevate your defenses with us, and together, let’s navigate the complexities of the digital landscape.

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